To contribute as part of a process safety team on a proposal / project, in collaboration with different departments and process safety section, to manage Major Accident Hazards (MAHs) and prevent and mitigate Major Accident Events (MAEs) throughout the lifecycle of the facility, specializing in human factors.


  • Support the development and review of HSSE Design Philosophy, and other process safety-related philosophies including Human Factors related matters. Provide guidance to the proposal / project for compliance to company standards, client and regulatory requirements of safety-related systems.
  • Support production of HFE plans; Carry out HFE activities and reviews. Produce HFE technical deliverables
    Support, identify, track and resolve HFE issues in compliance to company standards, client and regulatory requirements.

    Support the development of scope of work of safety studies including human factor issues on the risk management. Perform safety consultant technical bid evaluation, participate in workshops, plan, review and deliver safety studies / deliverables. Deliver complete, correct, and on-time safety studies and deliverables to the proposal / project, demonstrating risks are As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).
  • Organise, attend and contribute to Bow-Ties workshops, identify and define SCEs, including safety critical tasks, communicate performance standards requirements, review SCE design and safety critical procedures, manage tracking and review of EPCI assurance tasks, as instructed by the Principal Engineer, to ensure that safety critical elements are designed, procured, constructed, commissioned, and installed or prepared in accordance with performance standards for the prevention and mitigation of MAEs.
  • Support the coordination and management of risk and human factors consultant/subcontractor to ensure the risk of the facility is properly assessed in accordance with the scope of work and methodology, in a timely manner and on budget.
  • Collect risk assessment and human factors activities and studies input data, review technical deliverables from consultant, prepare deliverables, review other discipline deliverables, and collaborate with other disciplines and departments, as instructed by the Principal Engineer or assigned engineer. Issue accurate deliverables, minimizing mistakes and maximizing efficiency. Minimise / manage deviations from company standards, client and regulatory requirements of safety-related systems.
  • Contribute to the achievement of Project / Engineering Performance Goals defined for the year / project
  • Collaborate with the proposal / project team, consistently check deliverables for compliance, attend / support audits and resolve non-conformities to deliver a regulatory compliant installation. Minimise non-conformities and delays to first oil.
  • Communicate professionally with the client, provide responses to client comments, as instructed by the Principal Engineer, such that the client is satisfied that hazards are managed appropriately.
  • Collaborate with the project team to ensure that changes are managed in accordance with the Management of Change Procedure and their impact on risk are properly evaluated.
  • Identify and communicate lessons learnt for improved management of MAHs and project execution.
  • Ensure technical competencies are met.
  • Comply with MODEC Group Policy, Code of Business Conduct and Ethics at all times.


  • Degree level qualification in HF/ergonomics/applied psychology or other relevant degree, or equivalent occupational qualification
  • Minimum 1 year of relevant working experience in application of HF within high-hazard industries, or minimum 5 years of relevant working experience for a diploma holder

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