Overall Job Purpose

To perform single or multiple specific tasks in developing and maintaining a cost control plan for a designated section of assigned project(s) or less complex assignments, and prepare relevant reporting and analysis to effectively and efficiently communicate project cost status at regular intervals.

Core Responsibilities

  • Under the supervision of Lead Cost Controller or a direct report of this position, collate and compile the necessary information to support timely cost data consolidation and reporting.
  • Understand the requirements of the approved cost control procedures and ensure proper implementation in the course of work.
  • Develop and maintain detailed cost control plans using Company tools and best industry practices.
  • Set-up Cost Breakdown Structure and allocate budget, resources, and any other data required into the system.
  • Derive and consolidate the commitments and actual costs for one or more portions of the scope of work.
  • Review, analyze and update accurate forecasts for one or more portions of the scope work by using best industry practices.
  • Track budget variances and challenge budget owners on any deviation from approved cost baseline.
  • Generate and distribute internal cost report for part or the entire scope of work on a regular basis and as per Company standards.
  • Reconcile project cost reporting with accounting and financial records.
  • Review subcontractors’ invoices for accuracy and completeness and ensure that costs are allocated with the correct coding.
  • Review Change Order requests and/or potential variations that impact project budget and forecasts, and maintain appropriate register.
  • Establish appropriate coordination with other project functions to ensure compatibility with the Cost Control requirements and timely flow of the information.
  • Contribute and participate to the Project Risk Management process by providing cost input and identifying potential budget and forecast impacts for risks’ occurrences.

Qualifications & Experience

      • 2 years of cost engineering experience in Oil & Gas industry
      • 5 years of cost engineering experience in other industries with understanding of technical knowledge of Oil & Gas process and FPSO projects
      • Familiarity with project management processes